The interior design of a log house in the suburbs

The log house design project was developed for a family of three. According to the author, his main intention was to create an interior in which all tenants would be comfortable and comfortable, and natural motifs and shades were used for the decor. The total area of ​​the house is 360 square meters, it is completely built of Arkhangelsk wood, logs with a diameter of 32 centimeters serve as the external and internal design of the interior of a log house.

DIY handicrafts

The value of homemade piece stuff is difficult to overestimate. If you look around, then everything that surrounds a person was invented and made by someone initially in a single copy. The manufacture of various small products by hand can be practiced at any age. Для работы используются различные подручные материалы: бумага, картон, ткань, пластилин, вата.

DIY Bottle Decor - 50 Ideas

For any person, the house is considered the territory of personal space, which the owner draws up in accordance with their preferences and taste. It is in the house with the help of small details that a balance of comfort and functional convenience is achieved. A pinch of imagination, a few spoons of free time, a couple of pieces of patience, half a cup with creativity and a recipe for the perfect decoration of your home is ready.

Garland in the interior: design options, photos

The desire to extend the fabulous Christmas time with the help of magical lights gave rise to the tradition of decorating with their help not only New Year trees, but also other items, garlands in the interior appeared at weddings and proms. Now flashing lights are often used not as a holiday, but as a daily decor.